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Car insurance Netherlands

It is mandatory to have at least a WA-coverage if you own a car in The Netherlands. We compare over 28 Dutch car insurance companies.
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If you have a car in the Netherlands, it’s mandatory to have a car insurance. Here at it’s possible to compare over 28 Dutch car insurance companies. The comparator is fast and easy to use. We help you with our easy and quick price comparison tool to find a cheaper car insurance deal, whether you want to insure a new vehicle or you want to beat yoru current provider’s renewal quote.

What do you need for a car insurance in The Netherlands?

  • You have to live in The Netherlands
  • You must have a European Union (EU) driving license
  • Your car must have a Dutch license number

Dutch car insurance

It is mandatory in The Netherlands for all cars to have at least a third party liability car insurance. This insurance (called WA-verzekering in Dutch) covers damages inflicted with your own car to other people and their property. More comprehensive coverages (called WA Plus and Allrisk in Dutch) are also an option. The differences are explained below.

Different coverages of car insurance NL

Which coverage you should take depends on  your situation and your car. All three coverages are compared at

  • WA coverage (third-party liability)
    In The Netherlands it is mandatory to have a car insurance with at least a WA-coverage. Third-party liability only covers the damage that you inflict with your car to other people and their property. We advise to choose this coverage if you have a car 8 years old or older.
  • WA beperkt casco coverage (third-party liability + limited cover)
    The WA beperkt casco insurance covers the same as WA coverage plus damage caused by circumstances beyond your control. For example car theft, car fire, hitting an animal with your car, broken windshield and damage caused by a storm..
  • All risk coverage (third-party liability + comprehensive cover)
    All risk insurance is the most comprehensive coverage. It covers damages to other cars and almost all damages to your own car. If you have bought a new car this coverage is recommended.