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Why to compare energy?

Every year your personal situation and preferences change. If you want to find the deal that fits your situation the most it is important to compare your energy contract and switch to a new energy supplier every year. The other reason to switch is because you can save a lot of money. This is because every year energy suppliers have a big welcome discount for new customers. So when you switch every year, you can benefit from these discounts every year. The yield can be as high as hundreds of euros a year so it is definitely worth it! 😉

Compare your energy contract now! Left you see what happens when you stick to your current supplier. Right shows what will happen when you switch to a new supplier.
Compare your energy here!

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    Four and a half stars

    Trustscore: 9.2

    2238 reviews

    How does the Dutch energy market work?

    The Dutch energy market has been liberalised since 2004. At this moment there are over 25 energy suppliers active in The Netherlands and licenced to offer gas and electricity. 25 suppliers is a lot to choose from as a consumer. To find the best supplier for you can be a pretty tough task. That is why is here to help you find your best deal. gives you a clear overview of all the options that fit your situation. Out of these choices you can choose the one you think fits you the most.

    All benefits in a nutshell:

    • You transfer for free within 5 minutes
    • We will arrange your switch
    • You have 14 days to think about it
    • You can always call us for help, ALWAYS 😉 
    • You will receive an email when your contract is about to expire
    • Compare energy with 100% lowest price guarantee

    The top 10 most popular energy suppliers in The Netherlands loves to help you compare the energy suppliers on price, quality and sustainability. It is also possible to see the plus and minus points, the customer reviews and experiences for each supplier. Furthermore, we have put together a top 10 of the most popular energy suppliers. This top 10 consists of a percentage and the customer assessment.

    Top 10EnergieleverancierOverstappers in 2020*Klantbeoordeling**
    4United Consumers10%7,3
    Andere leveranciers

    *Percentage: the percentage involves that of all the customers that switched, for example 15% switched to Greenchoice. 

    **Customer review: this is the rating that our customers gave to that energy supplier. They rated the suppliers with stars (ster ster ster ster smiley). Such as price, payment, switch process, online help, customer service and sustainability.

    Laatste update:

    Compare energy in 4 steps

    Step 1: Fill in your information

    Check in a few minutes your personal energy deals. Grab your annual energy report for a precise offer. 

    Step 2: Compare energy suppliers

    You will see in one simple overview all the options for you. You will see the cheapest one, the most sustainable one ect. What do you think is the most important? You can make your one decision. You can also give your preferences in the filter option. 

    Step 3: Switch from energy supplier 

    Choose the supplier that you want. We will send a request to your new energy supplier. They then end your current contract. During the switch you will of course keep receiving gas and electricity. 

    Step 4: Relax and save

    That is it! You have switched from an energy supplier. The whole process will take on average take about 6-8 weeks.

    What do you need?

    You need 2 things to make a precise comparison. 

    1. A recent energy account 
    2. Your zip code 

    You can still compare your energy without your energy account. Because we can make a very good estimate based on your address and family composition.

    Our final tip: compare energy every year

    To make sure you pay as little as possible, the best thing to do is to switch every year to a new energy supplier. Then you will benefit from the welcome discount every time and you will never pay too much. And remember you are always welcome if you want to compare energy! So see you next year 😉 
    What are you waiting for? Compare energy suppliers and find your best deal!

    What are you waiting for? Compare now!

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