A quick guide to Dutch health insurance

If you’re looking for a quick way to find Dutch health insurance fitted to your needs, you’ve come to the right place. At Overstappen.nl we don’t just help you pick the best insurance, we help you save some money in the process as well. Here, you can easily compare all Dutch health insurers (zorgverzekering vergelijken) on both coverage and pricing. Before you do, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Dutch health insurance is mandatory

Dutch law states that all residents, however temporarily, should have at least basic health insurance (basisverzekering). Basic insurance coverage is the same across all insurance companies and is set yearly by the Dutch government. Failing to comply will lead to up to two fines of €382,50. After being uninsured for 9 months, Dutch authorities will give you mandatory insurance at the cost of €134,38 a month.

So, there you go. Time for you to get some health insurance. A quick read over the following steps should get you all set for a proper comparison. The terms in parentheses refer to Dutch terms you’ll encounter.

Get the cheapest Dutch health insurance

Set your own risk

Basic health insurance in the Netherlands comes with a certain amount of ‘own risk’ (eigen risico), set by the Dutch government. Currently this amount is set at a minimum of €385 up to a maximum of €885 a year. This is the amount you have to pay for health care yourself before the insurance company starts covering. Note that basic health care (e.g. seeing your doctor or being hospitalised) is excluded from your eigen risico and therefore always paid by the insurer. Medicine, for example, is not.

It’s up to you to decide how high you wish to set your eigen risico. If you don’t expect to use a lot of health care, it’s probably wise to set it a bit higher. Doing so can drastically reduce your monthly payment.

Pick your basic plan

There are three different plans for basic health insurance (basisverzekering) in the Netherlands. They differ in the way they limit your choice in healthcare providers (keuzevrijheid zorg). With beperkte keuze your choices are limited and even certain hospitals are excluded from coverage. Of course, this is the cheapest option. Ruime keuze offers wider coverage. Most hospitals will be included and limitations are mostly set for special care, such as physical therapy. Vrije keuze offers coverage for all certified healthcare providers, but is more expensive than the other plans.

Do you need dental care?

Dental care is not covered by basic health insurance. If you plan on visiting a dentist or if you expect dental problems, it’s wise to get additional dental insurance (tandartsverzekering). You can choose how big a percentage of your bill will be paid by the insurance company and up to what amount.

Pick your additional coverage plan

Basic health care is covered by basic health insurance. If you have special needs, however, you can choose additional coverage plans (aanvullende verzekering). These cover care such as physical therapy (fysiotherapie), alternative health care (alternatieve geneeswijzen), glasses or lenses(brillen en lenzen) and world coverage (buitenlanddekking). Additional coverage can greatly increase your monthly payment, so make sure to consider whether it’s actually profitable.

Make a comparison

That’s it! You’re all set to get the best health insurance for your needs and, of course, at the best price. Just fill in your gender (geslacht) and your date of birth (geboortedatum) and we’ll show you the cheapest options. On the left you’ll find some filters that let you pick and choose between the different attributes of coverage you’ve read about so far.

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